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omg! kettle corn



OMG! Kettle Corn LLC is a veteran/woman owned business that strives to bring the freshest quality product to you on a daily basis.  Our business model follows a variation of the military learned acronym, “K-I-S-S” “keep it super simple”.  This is why you will never see more than three simple items of kettle corn, cotton candy, and Italian sodas sold at any of our locations.  Avoiding unnecessary complexity and keeping with simple tradition we offer only one flavor and one size of kettle corn, “One size fits all”, (other sizes are available for special orders).


OMG! Kettle Corn is big on community, we are aware that our success is because of community support.  With that being said, we donate to organizations in support of education and military support foundations!

Swing by for a sample and enjoy the aroma!!!

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